Here you’ll find some of our frequently asked questions and answers that will explain more about Sebang Global and our products.


Sebang is the maker of ROCKET, the #1 battery in Korea and a Top 5 battery manufacturer in the world. We are also proud partners and OEM suppliers to automotive manufacturers and brand owners globally.


Sebang operates a fully-automated production facility specifically-designed for maintenance-free batteries. While many factories retrofit existing older conventional lines to make maintenance-free batteries, we design and optimize ours from raw material usage all the way to packaging.

In fact, Sebang’s AGM & EFB maintenance-free batteries have 2-3 times the lifespan of conventional batteries.

Yes, but it is not recommended. Instead, AGM and to a lesser extent, EFB batteries are specifically designed for these modern vehicle systems.

Start-stop vehicles experience an exponentially higher frequency of engine starting per day. Conventional and MF batteries are not designed for this usage and will typically fail within a few months.

AGM batteries offer up to 65% more and 300% longer life compared to conventional models. Sebang is part of a very select handful of AGM battery manufacturers globally.

Download the mobile app to keep track of your battery health to prevent inconvenient failures. Checkpoints are available nationwide.

Don’t be a stranger. Drop us an email at ask@sebangglobal.my.

Download the mobile app and register. Scan the battery QR code.

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